Why do I only post about pregnancy?

Well, hello again!

There has been a ridiculously long gap in posting and it looks like I am starting back up with another update dealing with pregnancy. What can I say... Life changing events are worth writing about.

We are in week 34. Since the way our last pregnancy ended with Lincoln, Mary Jane is being watched like a hawk. Right now she is going once a week for a non stress test on the baby (a boy, Declan will be his name) and once a week for an ultrasound physical profile of the baby. Also, she is taking two shots of Heparin in her stomach per day.

But the ends justify the means, I suppose. In the end, all looks well with Declan and we have been tentatively scheduled to be induced on Good Friday, March 25. Stay tuned for updates.

On other fronts, I am now selling advertising for a large broadcasting company (radio) in Harrisburg. On the freelance writing scene, I have also had the privilege of interviewing some very interesting people.

I'll talk more soon.


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