I Dreamt of Unconsciousness

I Dreamt of Unconsciousness
Why are Mondays always such a struggle? It takes every fiber of my being to hoist myself out of bed and wrestle my body into clothes.

The drive to work makes me feel like a man on death row moving slowly down the institutional halls on the way to the electric chair.

It doesn't help that the very first event of the day is a long, drawn out meeting. After an hour, and frequently more, of mind numbing boredom, we make a break for the coffee machines desperately seeking out the stimulation which will move us forward into the day.

Today the topper was an hour teleconference. It was a grim feeling of deja vu, as I strained to understand the people on the other end. Through the noise, I did gain about 15 minutes of good information, which is actually a fantastic meeting.

There ya go. I'm just floating down the stream of consciousness without a paddle.

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