Here's an article by Jesse Kornbluth on ten deadly sins of grammar. I enjoyed it quite a bit, and as a side note, mediabistro.com is a very valuable site for writers and other media professionals.



Mary said...

I just wanted to check in and see your blog (I recently joined the Harrisburg webbloggers group) I think its really cool to just have a place to talk about stuff. I wish you and your wife good luck on with your pregnancy.

AVA said...

That is very interesting. Is it okay if I post it in my blog sometime, mentioning u of course.

Cumberland said...

He's grouchy, isn't he? I had to give up on hopefully, but I still work hard on that ubiquitous since problem. He doesn't mention while, the misuse of which is more likely to lead to confused meanings.
And he goofed. The title of an ongoing radio series should be italicized; quotes are for the title of a single episode.

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