Squirrels... They're in the walls....

I've been hearing them in the early morning and just around dark.... The skittering of little feet as they make their way into the house to find a nice, safe place to curl up and sleep the night away.

This weekend it will stop. The vent that they are getting in through is going to be sealed with wire mesh. In the not so early morning, while they are out foraging, I will be secretly stapling the door closed behind them. No more rodents in the house!

My wife has been terrified of them since she had a run in with a dead squirrel at her apartment. Apparently, the varmint got stuck in the walls, dug his way through a wall and into her apartment, only to expire in a stack of nice clean towels.

Needless to say, she has not been fond of the squirrels since that moment.

Important Local Interest Issue...

I found out that I missed an opportunity to sign a petition to return a road from a one way road, back into a two way street. Franklin Street, in Lower Paxton Township, Colonial Park. It joins Route 22 and Locust Lane, and since it is one way, it has been pushing traffic onto a little alley that shouldn't see but 10 vehicles a day, and is currently seeing probably several hundred throughout a normal weekday.

There will be a rant posted on a different blog about this.... Lower Paxton Journal

Talk to you soon.

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