After a hiatus... I have returned....

I've returned...

I have suspected in recent weeks that squirrels have established a nest in our attic, and sure enough, yesterday I went up into the crawl space, and sure enough, they were there.

Mother squirrel bolted when I stuck my head into the attic, however she stopped in the hole that she had gnawed in the vent screen. Her tail was all that I could see. I saw a large pile of insulation that she had crafted her nest out of... I don't know how squirrels can do that with out getting itchy... It's a mystery of nature.

At that point I wasn't sure if she had a litter of... what would you call them? Squirrelettes? Pups? Anyway, I gently kicked some of the insulation away and sure enough there were at least three little ones in there... Their eyes were open, and they had their fur, but the tails weren't bushy yet. They wouldn't run, they just sat there and looked at me.

According to online sources, they are apparently 5 weeks old. At 10 weeks they are on their own and are kicked out of the nest.

My Plan of Attack

Squirrels are diurnal, so I will get up there in 5 weeks one early morning and scare off the mother if she is there (however she should be out and about gathering food) and repair that hole with a heavy wire mesh.

I'll report back how that worked...

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