Classes Start Monday... Not for the kids, for me!

Just finished the last semester, and have kept up the string of A's since starting back to school two years ago. Two years ago. Hang on, that doesn't sound right... It sounds too long ago... Could time really have slipped by that quickly? Hang on let me check.

Yes, it was Fall 2007 when I went back to school. I'm taking two classes right now, and then following that up with two in the spring, and that leaves one little class (which I'd like to test out of). So, cool, we are nearing the end of the first level of reeducation.

Overall, I've been pretty fortunate. A little over a year ago, I knocked down a developer job with a small company in Harrisburg, that taught me boatloads. Recently, the economy and some internal decions at the company have forced them to make some cuts (read me), and now I am unemployed. Not entirely a bad thing, since I have picked up some freelance work which is really getting me more experience and applying a lot of what I have learned at school, and from one of my past careers in transportation management (freight traffic manager).

The project is a light Warehouse Management System for a non profit that is doing 3rd party warehouse work for some manufacturers. I'll post more on that later. Right now I'm talking about school.

So, on Monday I start two classes, Network Communications I and C Programming. Both of which will be very important classes. While I grasp the principals and worked some with networking, I haven't really had any formal training, so I am sure that I have a lot of "holes" which will be filled in with this class.

The C programming is important in a different way. For one, I have fallen into the middle of programming. I've learned Visual Basic.NET, Python, a Visual Pascal derived language (C/AL for Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision), and have always had to work very hard to learn them.
I didn't really learn from the bottom up. While this is not vital, by any means, for me I think that learning C will show me a different approach to programming.

Ah regardless, I babbled on too much for right now.

Upcoming post teaser: Ubuntu Developer Week, Ubuntu Global Jam, Warehouse Management project, and more!

Stay tuned.

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