September 15th is coming... Do you know where your free software is?

Coming soon to a town or city near you (hopefully), is Software Freedom Day. This year it will be Saturday September 15th, and there will be events all over the world to celebrate FOSS (Free and Open Source Software), and to promote the use and adoption of open source software.

What a great concept this is, a gigantic community moving forward to make great software, and to continuing to improve that same software. I am proud to be a part of this movement, and I look forward to seeing how many events are held this year. I am working with the Ubuntu Local Community Team for Pennsylvania and CPLUG (Central Pennsylvania Linux Users Group) in the Harrisburg and York areas right now. One of our teammates is looking into setting up at the York Fair, which would be rather amazing considering the thousands of people who go through that fair.

Around Harrisburg, I am more interested in getting together a group of people to host a screening of Revolution OS, or set up cook outs at various busy parks or colleges.

Also I am starting to assemble my media kit, and my "hit list" for the local media to be invited or for press releases.

Stay tuned for more exciting information!

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