Here it goes.... This week we go for Approved Status

The Pennsylvania LoCo Team is going for approved status. I will contact Jono Bacon, the Community Manager at Canonical who will give us guidance as far as where we stand, and when we can expect to go in front of the Ubuntu Community Council to try for approval.

I think that we are looking good for approval. We have 39 direct members since our creation in March, many of which are active. We have a Feisty Release Party scheduled in Montrose for May 17th, will be working together with the Central Pennsylvania LUG for their InstallFest/New User Meeting on May 19th near Harrisburg, and there is an PA LoCo team Installfest slated for June 2nd in Philadelphia.

The PA LoCo website is up at www.meetlinux.com

Our IRC channel is on freenode #ubuntu-pennsylvania

Our wiki is at wiki.ubuntu.com/PennsylvaniaTeam

Finally, here's our team site on Launchpad

I feel good about this, and think that we are definitely on track to helping the Ubuntu Community gain market share.

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