This is the historic opening of my first blog.

As I write this my stomach tightens in panic. Will I be interesting enough for people to actually read this? Am I ready for the commitment? Will I have a reuben on rye for lunch or a hamburger?

In regards to my worries, who knows? I am willing to take the first step and write, and you are interested enough to still be reading this, so at least we are both going in the right direction.

Some background on me.... (I like those trailing off sentences, but I will try to control myself.... Oops! Did it again.)

I was born and raised in and around Harrisburg, PA. My childhood involved a lot of running around in the woods and eventually on a golf course that my parents managed.

After graduating high school, I went to college, dropped out after a year, joined the army, was stationed in Germany, moved back to Harrisburg area, went to work with my parents in two retail franchises they owned, bought a house, got married, had a baby boy (Riley), got divorced, worked in trucking, got remarried (learned from my mistakes, married a woman perfect for me this time), and now here I am. The end.

Well, not quite the end, but I have to leave something to write about in future installments, now don't I?

Hey, you're still reading this, so thank you! I look forward to continuing our one sided conversation in my next post.




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