I have been having a blast listening to these guys! Jono Bacon, Matthew Revell, Stuart Langridge, and Ade Bradshaw are the presenters of the podcast and all I can say is, wow!

First off a quick warning to the faint of heart. If off color language and content puts you off, then this is not the program for you!

Discussions range from open source projects through licensing and bodily functions through sexual practices and all points in between. Even though this has two Canonical employees on air, I think that it is pretty successful in not being an exclusive Ubuntu advocacy forum.

Don't get me wrong, Ubuntu is brought up regularly, however when there is something that any of the presenters find not up to snuff or inappropriate they do not hesitate to give Jono (one of the Canonical employees) a "good kicking."

Regardless of who is on the receiving end of a kicking, it seems that they give as good as they take! I haven't heard these guys do a podcast I didn't like yet.

On the negative they do focus a bit much on the technicalities of open source licensing for my taste. Perhaps its because I am relatively new to Linux?

Check these guys out at http://www.lugradio.org

Their podcast is listed in ITunes or you get get the RSS Podcast link off of their site.

That was a quickie. More coming soon!


Once again I've lapsed....

Well, It's happened again!

I haven't posted in forever. Kids Job and home repairs strike again! We just had to replace our boiler (steam heat and hot water heater) just before Christmas. That was a great way to celebrate the holidays, let me tell ya!

Anyway, I've been messing about with Ubuntu and some other Linux distros. Look for more about that. I am thinking of doing a series of posts of the plusses and minuses of my experiences with Linux and Open Source, as well as a very interesting podcast to which I've become addicted.

There's a cliff hanger for you... What podcast could I possibly be on about? I'll leave a quick hint and fill in later... Jono Bacon.

That's it.... More tomorrow.