It's not even Thanksgiving, yet...

It's getting cooler out, and we are all spending a leisurely morning in the living room and sun room. We're feeling very cozy, and my wife and I were talking about Christmas and what gifts we still needed to buy.

A little smile suddenly appeared on my wife's face and she went racing over to the cds and dug through and grabbed some Christmas cds and popped them into the cd player.

We are sitting here with Christmas music playing, the kids playing, and even though it isn't even Thanksgiving and there isn't a scrap of Christmas decorations up, it really feels like Christmas.


There and back again... And Again...

Here's an interesting bit... I've gone back into radio. Yes, I left radio in the summer of '05, but I have been drawn back in, and I am thrilled!

I love putting together the ideas, working with the talent, and working with businesses to put together marketing campaigns that work.

There will be more news coming, you can count on that!